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How Successful Businesses Use External Backlinks

I still remember the days of link farms where tons of links would be shoved into a single page. It was a mess, but it worked.

Fortunately, what worked back then no longer works today.

This does not mean that external backlinks should be avoided. Rather, when you do use them, make sure that the techniques you are implementing bring you the right type of attention.

5 Paths to Success with External Backlinks

The following 5 strategies are rock solid for 2017. However, they might not be the only options to consider. While reflecting upon the following details, if you find a point that should be included please feel free to share it in the comments below.

  1. Creating Press Releases

A press release introduces new and returning viewers to key points about your local Sacramento business. While you can hire a local Sacramento SEO expert to help you with this make sure it is newsworthy and not just to increase rankings, it is a strategy that will typically backfire on them.

Done right you can generate quite a positive flow of attention for your brand with press releases. Attempting to tap into the excitement with fake news will not be advantageous for anyone, especially you and the corresponding image that you build.

If you really do have a new product people want to know about or an adjusted business objective that is important to your target audience, you have news worth writing a press release about. Just make sure that its seen as a resource of value in the eyes of your audience.

  1. Guest Posting Advantages

So many people miss the gold when it comes to guest posting. This is not your opportunity to flood someone else’s blog with references to you. It is also not time to offer low quality information that is of no value to their audience.

When you guest post, you are creating content for someone else’s blog. Let’s say they have 100 subscribers a day that come to their site. If your article is posted that translates into a possibility of 100 viewers that find your article, read your content and visit your site as a result.

I’m sure you can see the power of building a traffic funnel like that. However, what if they had 1, 3 or 5 thousand daily visitors?

  1. Building Niched Networks

Another reason to use external backlinks involves networking. No one is an island unto themselves, or at least they shouldn’t be. Especially when it comes to business.

The more you connect with industry Influencers within your niche the more they will think of you when referral opportunities arise. Why not offer to swap articles with associated links. Each of you offer high value to the others audience. The result will be quite positive for everyone involved, especially your viewers.

  1. Opting into Sponsored Posts

The business world is full of big and little fish. Are you a little fish? At least smaller than someone you would like to have post a link to your site?

Why not offer to pay them to post your article?

No, I’m not talking about buying links here. At least not in the traditional sense that gets flagged by Google. Instead, as you are building your niched network be willing to sacrifice with real content for genuine results.

  1. Using Local Business Directories

This is a huge opportunity that so many businesses miss. Especially those with a more global focus. Being listed in databases like Yelp, Google+ and the like bring you targeted audiences directly from those platforms.

Increasing the number of local directories, you are listed in means that more people will find out about you, your products and your services. Done right, that’s bound to produce positive results for your business.

Integrating Social Media into Your Solutions

We’ve outlined 5 solid ways to build external backlinks for your web efforts without saying one word about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other Sacramento social media network. That ends now.

Once you have these various links built it is time to share them on these platforms and others like them. Why wouldn’t you want to do that?

After all, it increases your ability to be seen which can easily mean even more customers and clients securing your products and services.

Why Worry About External Backlinks

There are several answers to this question with a major one yet to be revealed. The obvious answer is that external backlink building services increase the amount of people that find out about you. We’ve spoken about this throughout this article.

It takes effort to be seen.

If you aren’t seen you seriously decrease the possibility of people making purchases of your products and/or services.

Be seen.

But that’s not the half of it.

As you are going about building your influence via these backlinks you are being watched.

By spiders!

Algorithm effecting spiders with the chief one of interest being integrated into Google. As your influence increases so do your organic rankings on the search engines. That means more and more people will be finding out about you while they are looking things up on the Web.

Of course, that means more traffic which corresponding leads to greater results in your bottom line ROI.

Concluding Thoughts About Building External Backlinks

As you can see, there are a multiplicity of reasons why businesses today need to be building backlinks. If you aren’t doing things to get out in front of your audience one must wonder if you really are in business at all.

External backlinks are simply one of those things you need to be found doing.

On that note, which of the above strategies have you used with success? Please share your experience in the comments below.

If per chance your still on the fence about the power of backlinks and why you need them, we’d like to hear from you. What are your questions, your concerns, your thoughts? Feel free to share those in the comments below and let’s become the success of the web.