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How to Create Natural Backlink Growth for Your Sacramento Business Website

As Sacramento business owners pushing hard to increase your search engine rankings one factor to consider if you’re considering outsourcing is how do you make your backlink growth look natural even if outsourcing to a Sacramento seo company?  In this video I break down the growth curve of a website, the natural growth curve a website goes through as well as some unnatural curves.

If you think about, what is the first thing you do when you launch your website?

You’ll probably tell some friends, right?

You’ll share on social media and maybe email some people, asking them to come check it out!  Then, you’ll get listed in the all the business directories – Yelp, BBB, Chamber of Commerce, etc.  And this sharing on social media will continue to occur throughout the growth of your business.

Next, you’ll want to issue a press release to get even more exposure.  One of the things most businesses forget is this content should also be share through your social media channels.  So now your press releases are getting links.


In this article from SEOBook they do a great job of breaking down the backlink growth curve.

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Our spiky growth curves will most likey occur when issuing a press release, a piece of content goes viral, or some other big promotional effort.

As long as you didn’t spam or hire some SEO for $49 a month, then you’re probably safe. 🙂

Quality backlinks will usually stick (meaning not be removed or deindexed) leaving you with a higher level of backlinks.


Whichever methods of linkbuilding you are doing you want to be aggressive while still maintaining a natural growth and you want to be consistent.

Just building a couple links a month is really not going to get you to where you want to be.  You’ll want to keep promoting until you reach the spot where the site is getting good amounts of organic traffic and in the positions for the keywords you want.

Promoting your website is a bit like any other competition.  You train, you compete, you train more or you retire.  If your business reaches the top position and you stop promoting and building links, eventually one of your competitors whom is still linkbuilding will overtake your position.

Typically SEO campaigns can last anywhere from 6 months + depending on the competition in that market, because it takes a natural growth curve to establish a ranking that will be stable.

And stable rankings is what we all want.