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02 06, 2017

How Successful Businesses Use External Backlinks

I still remember the days of link farms where tons of links would be shoved into a single page. It was a mess, but it worked. Fortunately, what worked back then no longer works today. This does not mean that external backlinks should be avoided. Rather, when you do use them, make sure that the techniques you are implementing bring you the right type of attention. 5 Paths to Success with External Backlinks The following 5 strategies are rock solid for 2017. However, they might not be the only options to consider. While reflecting upon the following details, if you find a point that should be included please feel free to share it in the comments below. Creating Press Releases A press release introduces new and returning viewers to key points about your local Sacramento business. While you can hire a local Sacramento SEO expert to help you with this…...

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30 05, 2017
Marketing Plan

30-Minute Day-to-Day Marketing Plan for Busy Solopreneurs

* Important note before your start reading: The points we’ll cover aren’t your run-of-the-mill marketing tips. Despite you being able to the execute the marketing plan within 30 minutes, I promise you that IF you take action on the tips, then you’d be able to garner fantastic results out of these strategies whether you’re trying to get more traffic, leads, or sales. I get it: Being a solopreneur is no cake walk. Not only would you have to produce your actual products/services, but you’d also have to take care of your accounting, inventory, and client management (among other things). With all the hats that you’d have to wear, you can’t help but set aside some aspects of your business to do your online presence management. For most solopreneurs, marketing is the one aspect that they choose to neglect. They do this with a sting in their heart since they know…...

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16 05, 2017

How to Create Natural Backlink Growth for Your Sacramento Business Website

As Sacramento business owners pushing hard to increase your search engine rankings one factor to consider if you're considering outsourcing is how do you make your backlink growth look natural even if outsourcing to a Sacramento seo company?  In this video I break down the growth curve of a website, the natural growth curve a website goes through as well as some unnatural curves. If you think about, what is the first thing you do when you launch your website? You'll probably tell some friends, right? [embed][/embed] You'll share on social media and maybe email some people, asking them to come check it out!  Then, you'll get listed in the all the business directories - Yelp, BBB, Chamber of Commerce, etc.  And this sharing on social media will continue to occur throughout the growth of your business. Next, you'll want to issue a press release to get even more exposure. …...

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11 05, 2017
Psychology Backed Marketing Tips

Psychology-Backed Marketing Tips that can Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate

  When you have truckloads of psychology-backed marketing tips in your conversion rate optimization bag o’ tricks, you’ll find that increasing your website’s conversion rate can be like biking downhill. It's painless. Sure. The increase in your conversion rates might not always be astronomical; however, you’ll find that most of the marketing strategies you’ll run -- if they are psychology-backed -- will, in most cases, yield positive results. If you’ve been struggling with your website’s conversion rate, and are quite unsure of how to solve your problem, allow me to share with you these psychology-backed marketing tips. Note - The tips I’ll be sharing with you are tried and tested to yield positive results. These aren’t just experimental ideas that I came up with just now. A good number of marketers and business owners are using them and are reaping good results out of the strategies. That being said, be…...

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26 04, 2017
Rank Your Google Maps Listing

How to Rank Your Google Maps Listing in Sacramento

Let me guess: You are looking for that one silver bullet that will get your Google Places page to rank number one in the Google Maps listing, aren’t you? I don’t blame you. After all, for a lot of local business owners, ranking number one in the Google Maps listing is the next best thing since sliced bread. Not only can ranking lead to bajillions of sales, but the business owners can also benefit from generating truckloads of leads and brand recognition -- all of which are crucial to a business’ success. And so the question becomes, what are the crucial things that you need to do that will help you improve your Google Maps listing? I’m glad you asked. I’m going to share with you 5 tips that will help you with just that. Let’s hop right in. 1. Add your business in several business directory sites. Improving your local business’…...

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23 04, 2017
Multiple Ranking for a Keyword

How We Were Able to Get Multiple Rankings for a Keyword

For a lot of business owners, they only think about ranking first in the search results. Not many consider the possibility of getting multiple rankings for a keyword, even though there is so much value to be had from snagging several positions of the search engines' first pages (on top of getting the number 1 position, of course). In this post, we're going to look at the other possible ways to get multiple rankings for a keyword. 7 Ways to get into the Google’s first page: Paid ad (PPC) Webpage Local map listing Video Press release Directory profiles (this can be any business directory such as Yelp, BBB, Yellowpages, etc.) Other 3rd party content such as posts on other sites that may be relevant to the target keyword. Allow me to share with you several examples where we’ve managed to get multiple rankings on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)…...

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12 04, 2017

7 Ways to Build Off-Page Backlinks

When it comes to Sacramento SEO having a strategy for both on-page and off-page marketing is critical. On-page SEO strategies refers to everything related to your actual website. Off-page SEO strategies involve everything outside of your website which points into your project.  Following are 7 ways you can create these types of properties. While off-page properties can lead to rankings for your Website, they can also drive traffic directly from the locations identified into your project.  Further, they have ranking factors which means that it is quite possible for you to find these properties on the first page of Google along with your own website and or blog. 3 Easy Ways to Build Your Backlinks Targeting Low Hanging Fruit Low hanging fruit involves creating content around a given keyword phrase for your targeted niche.  At first glance this might not seem like a link building method and is not a…...

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05 04, 2017
blue and white seo word with hand

4 Fixes to Apply to On-Page SEO Strategies in 2017

[caption id="attachment_7451" align="alignright" width="360"] Craft perfect titles for enhanced SEO and increase click through in the search engines in 2017.[/caption] The world of search, especially Google search, has seen significant changes since its launch on September 4, 1998. With each update, Google comes closer and closer to delivering its viewers exactly what they want on the first page of most any search results. So how do you, as a professional Marketer appease the Google gods in-order to secure your ranks desired within today’s search results? If your answer revolves around using outdated methods that used to work, then you lose. That’s why you want to be sure to target what Google wants today within each post you send into their index. FIX #1: Crafting Your Pages Title Page titles used to be all about getting your keyword into position. In fact, if you use that funny looking pipe symbol [|]…...

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01 03, 2017

SEO vs. PPC – What Do You Choose?

Over the years I've gotten calls from hundreds of businesses and while most want SEO others are completely against paying per click.  But, why? Most businesses start their own Adwords account and then try to run a campaign themselves without having any knowledge of bidding, ad copy, or keyword match types, on top of that they are usually not tracking anything. This is a recipe for failure. I think this is the reason most develop an aversion to buying traffic, which is completely understandable. Even the most advanced PPC experts are going to have losing campaigns, not every one is going to be a winner, but the skilled person can make changes and create a winner as opposed to the novice whom doesn't know how to turn it around. Long and arduous debates continue to rage over whether businesses should do online organic SEO or engage in Pay-per-Click advertising. Each…...

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10 10, 2016

Build A Strong Online Presence Using This 3 Pronged Approach

Often I get asked by business owners, "how to get people to find me?" and the short answer years ago would have been get ranked in Google. Today the internet is more diverse and people are gathering data from multiple sources. Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, and organic search. Customers are distracted these days, from texting, Snapchat, Yelp, Facebook, and the advertisements we see and hear daily at the newstand on TV and radio, that we've almost become numb to. It is to the advantage of every business owner that wants to survive to be engaging with their market in every platform. This would be considered online presence management. There's an approach to online presence management that assumes your entire online persona or brand, all the platforms and keeps them active, running, and producing engagement for your brand. Here are 3 approaches to creating this multi-touch outflow. SEO - Most of you…...

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