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10 10, 2016
online presence

Build A Strong Online Presence Using This 3 Pronged Approach

Often I get asked by business owners, "how to get people to find me?" and the short answer years ago would have been get ranked in Google. Today the internet is more diverse and people are gathering data from multiple sources. Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, and organic search. Customers are distracted these days, from texting, Snapchat, Yelp, Facebook, and the advertisements we see and hear daily at the newstand on TV and radio, that we've almost become numb to. It is to the advantage of every business owner that wants to survive to be engaging with their market in every platform. This would be considered online presence management. There's an approach to online presence management that assumes your entire online persona or brand, all the platforms and keeps them active, running, and producing engagement for your brand. Here are 3 approaches to creating this multi-touch outflow. SEO - Most of you…...

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04 10, 2016
tips for launching a new business in Sacramento.

Tips For Launching A Sacramento Business

Internet marketing could be the key to achieving a sustainable startup business in the area, no matter which industry you have chosen. But before you dive headfirst into a marketing initiative, begin with the knowledge of local laws, regulations, and guidelines and a solid plan for addressing each. Launching a Sacramento Business You’ve developed a great idea for a product or service. Now is the time to act on that idea! You might be anxious and think that Sacramento internet marketing should come first, but it’s more beneficial to work through the steps below. After all, skipping past key business laws could be a financial nightmare that stifles business success. 1.     Assess Your Needs - Create a business blueprint that maps out every need, potential risk, and route for growth. Who is your target audience? Analyze the best location to fulfill the needs of that target demographic. If your business…...

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08 07, 2016

Optimizing Your Social Media Posting Schedule

The Ideal Social Media Posting Schedule There’s a fine line between keeping followers informed and annoying them. Unfortunately, that line is most often crossed unaware. For instance, a company might have a social event and hourly live posts during the one day that a follower has a day full of stressful business meetings. The constant feed updates or reminders become just one stress too many and CLICK - suddenly your social event has caused a loss in followers and future revenue. That’s why it’s crucial to anticipate the needs and wishes of your social media community, so your advertising can help your business can grow. As you anticipate those needs, each social media platform should be handled independently. And even within one platform, you might consider alternative Sacramento social media posting schedules. Take a closer look below.   Facebook Social Media Posting Schedule Frequency: 5-10 times per week Best Time:…...

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27 06, 2016

Power Tips for Pay Per Click Advertising

What is Pay Per Click Advertising? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a specific model of online marketing in which a company or advertiser pays a publisher when an ad is clicked. It’s used specifically to encourage website traffic, or wherever the ad redirects the viewer. This includes banner or block ads on social media platforms, blogs, or other host websites.   Tips for PPC Advertising If your company is considering this method of online advertisement, you’ll want to make the most of your advertising dollars. That’s why we’ve created this list of power tips to amplify the effectiveness of your ad.   ●      Set a Campaign Goal - Do you simply want website traffic or are you trying to focus attention on one specific product, service, or event? Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll need to alter the language, keywords, and call to action. ●      Stick to Your Budget…...

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22 06, 2016

5 Video Marketing Tips

The Truth About Video Marketing Video marketing represents one of the most effective methods of outreach and traffic generation, yet most companies steer clear of the idea. Why? Because video marketing seems like a highly intricate, complex task requiring specialized team members, new resources, ample time, and perhaps even actors or props. The truth: video marketing is as simple as you make it! Even with a limited budget, a company can produce a customized visual campaign for promoting products and services. Start with the tips below. 5 Video Marketing Tips Ready to design your video marketing masterpiece? Great! Here are 5 tips to get you started on the right track: 1.     Equipment Can be Free - One of the easiest tools to shoot video already sits in your pocket or on your desk. Believe it or not, your smartphone can take quality video clips. Upload the clips and find a…...

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17 06, 2016
Sacramento social media marketing consultant shares tips on social media tools.

Top Social Media Tools that will Simplify Your Online Marketing

Could your social media marketing use a boost? Are you looking for ways to improve your social media content marketing and free up valuable time? There are many tools online that are designed to help, but it’s not always easy filtering through which ones actually work. Here are a few of our favorites. ●      Sprout Social. When it comes to content marketing on social media, timing is everything. Having a consistent flow of fresh content gives your audience a reason to stay engaged and regularly return to your social channels. But while you’re hard at work, posting to your social media outlets can be the last thing on your mind. Sprout Social is a powerful suite that allows you to hook up your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages and schedule content hours, days, or even months in advance. At any given time, Sprout Social also gives you the ability…...

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11 12, 2015
email marketing online in Sacramento CA

5 Tips For a Better Holiday Email Campaign

The holidays are a great time to reach out and attract attention to your brand, product, or service. However, with countless companies sending emails this time of year, how can you possibly stand out and capture reader attention? We’ve put together 5 tips to help you reach your audience and increase your clicks and conversions this holiday season.   Get noticed. Most people are constantly bombarded with a flood of promotional emails this time of year. If you’re unable to capture the reader’s attention with a subject line, the content inside is completely moot. Your subject line should pique interest and create urgency, while briefly explaining exactly what can be expected in the body of the message. Here are a few examples: “Flash Sale! 50% OFF Cameras - Today Only!” “Today Only: Save 20% Storewide w/ Free Shipping!” “How To Reach More Customers in Just 2 Weeks!”   Make an…...

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01 12, 2015

How Google’s New Rankbrain Affects Your Business

Google’s “new” Rankbrain isn’t exactly new. In fact, it went live in early 2015 and has run on a global scale ever since. The information about this advancement didn’t come until recently, however, and had previously been circulated as a rumor by webmasters that there was an “algorithm update” in the way Google’s search engine functioned. The truth is that the algorithm update has already been affecting your business’s rankings and it may have played a part on your business being more or less successful online this year.     What is Rankbrain and how does it work? Previous search engine algorithms have been fairly static, but Rankbrain is an artificial intelligence machine that dynamically changes and “learns” as time goes on. This means that there is no “man behind the curtain.” Rankbrain is supposed to self-update, accounting for formulaic cheating in web page content and traffic, as well as…...

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04 11, 2015
Sacramento logo designer hard at work creating new designs

9 Tips For a Better, Stronger Logo

A logo is far more important than many people may think. When properly executed, it can be an abbreviated look into the business, and intrigue viewers to want to learn more about the brand. But what makes an effective logo? Here are 9 tips to get you on the right track!   Understand the brand. First and foremost, understand your brand. An effective logo demonstrates the vibe and tone of the brand. Are you selling surfboards, offering business consulting services, or are you an upscale restaurant? Make sure that your logo demonstrates the brand correctly. Avoid cliches. Do your business a favor and avoid falling into the trap of creating a cliche logo. Learn from what’s trending, but don’t latch on to the same template that new businesses are currently using. Cliche logos can become old and tired rather quickly. Choose clever symbols. The symbol, shape, or emblem can be…...

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28 10, 2015
Colorful tips for Roseville CA businesses for their website designs.

Improve Your Website’s Speed and Appeal

In a world driven by social media, businesses often forget the power of a well-designed website. Social channels are highly effective in reaching out to find new leads, but a website gives your business an online storefront, a central location where users can learn everything they need to know about your company. There are a few things to keep in mind for maximizing your site's potential. Here are 6 ways to improve the function and appeal of your website.   Understand the objective. Whether you’re building your site from scratch or revamping your existing site, it’s crucial to have a clear objective. Is the main function to sell a product, explain a service, provide industry news, or a personal blog? Knowing these details ahead of time will help you design a user friendly layout for your site. Keep it simple. When building a site, it’s easy to get carried away…...

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