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How We Were Able to Get Multiple Rankings for a Keyword

Multiple Ranking for a Keyword

For a lot of business owners, they only think about ranking first in the search results. Not many consider the possibility of getting multiple rankings for a keyword, even though there is so much value to be had from snagging several positions of the search engines’ first pages (on top of getting the number 1 position, of course).

In this post, we’re going to look at the other possible ways to get multiple rankings for a keyword.

7 Ways to get into the Google’s first page:

  1. Paid ad (PPC)
  2. Webpage
  3. Local map listing
  4. Video
  5. Press release
  6. Directory profiles (this can be any business directory such as Yelp, BBB, Yellowpages, etc.)
  7. Other 3rd party content such as posts on other sites that may be relevant to the target keyword.

Allow me to share with you several examples where we’ve managed to get multiple rankings on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) for a keyword.

Ranking through 3rd party sites.

There are a few rankings where we did some testing with 3rd party sites.  For the keyword California SEO expert, we ranked my LinkedIn profile as well as our main website.

I should also note that we haven’t actively promoted for this keyword (or any keyword) in over a year. Although the actual positions do fluctuate (which is normal), they have been pretty consistent.

In the case of the 3rd party social media profile (LinkedIn), I added the keyword to the URL and then optimized the listing with the keyword (or variant) sprinkled once or twice.

Because these domains are already authoritative within themselves, it won’t be necessary to optimize the page too much.

The next step was to get backlinks to the profile page.

To build links to the profile page, we published an article and a press release where we added a link back to my profile page with some variant of the target keyword or just the brand name (LinkedIn) — again being careful not to over optimize.

Ranking through your local map listing.

In this screenshot, we were able to rank #1 organically in the Local Map section, #1 in the organic search results, and then another spot with a video.

Here’s how we helped one of our client’s (in the legal niche) rank his brand in several positions for a keyword.

Pretty amazing, huh?

Can you imagine how much lead (or sales) you’d be able to generate just by ranking your business in multiple slots of Google’s first page?

Now that you’ve seen how taking several spots on Google’s 1st page is possible, allow me to share with you two of the crucial overarching points that you need to remember when creating profiles on other sites to help your profile rank.

1. Optimize your profiles/pages for the right keywords.

Whether you’re in Linkedin, YouTube or you’re publishing your profile in other third party news sites; you need to optimize your pages for the right keywords.

Of course, we’re not talking about keyword stuffing here. I’m telling you to optimize your pages for the search engines AND your readers at the same time.

In one of the screenshots above, I shared one of our videos that are ranking well in the SERPs.

Notice what I did on the video’s title?

Multiple Rankings For A Keyword

Check out what’s written in the video’s description.

Multiple Rankings For A Keyword 2

Had I not included these keywords, this video would have never ranked in the search engines.

You’ll notice that I also did the same thing with my Linkedin profile.

Multiple Rankings For A Keyword 3Multiple Rankings For A Keyword 4

When your profiles on authoritative 3rd party websites like Linkedin and Youtube (among other sites) are sprinkled with relevant keywords, then the search engine will know upon crawling your profile’s webpage that it is relevant to the keyword that you optimized it for.

2. Strengthen your web  pages’ link portfolio.

Here’s how the process looks from a 30,000 ft perspective.

Step 1: Create profile pages for your brand on several 3rd party sites.

Step 2: Build high-quality links for your profiles.

Step 3: Your profile pages on 3rd party sites will rank for the keyword.

Step 4: You’ll get truckloads of leads and sales.

The point of contention lies in step 2. After all, everyone can create profiles on a bunch of websites — even a five-year-old can do that nowadays. However, building links is where things get tricky.

Here’s the thing: You need to remember that link building is an eat all you can buffet — not a $4 Chik-fil-A sandwich that your 10-year old can devour in minutes. I can talk about link building for weeks and still not be able to cover every nook and cranny that needs to be said about the topic. That being said, instead of going through the nitty gritty of link building, I will share with you the one link building method that is proven and tested to help you rank your web pages.

What link building method am I talking about?

Guest posting, of course.

To help you find relevant websites that you can pitch your guest posts on, you can use these advanced search queries:

“Keyword phrase” inurl:”Guest post”

“Guest post” + “Keyword phrase”

“Submit articles” + “Keyword phrase”

“Write for us” + “Keyword phrase”

The search queries above should bring you websites within your niche that accept guest posts.

Multiple Rankings For A Keyword 5

Once you’ve put together a list of websites that accepts guest posts from within your niche (or the overlapping niches), then you can start short listing the sites to ensure that you’re only pitching guest posts to high-quality sites.

While there are several elements that you can look into when qualifying a website, for starters, you can look into these two elements:

1. Website traffic (you can use As much as possible, I don’t go for websites with less than 10k monthly traffic.

Multiple Rankings For A Keyword 6

2. The website’s Domain Authority (DA). You can use SEOReviewTools’ free DA checker to view a website’s DA. As much as possible, I don’t go for sites with DAs that are less than 25.

Multiple Rankings For A Keyword 7


With the points we’ve covered, you now have the necessary elements to get your brand multiple rankings for a keyword on Google’s SERPs.

At this point, the only thing left is for you to take action. After all, no amount of sound advice or expert tips can help you rank your website if you don’t take action on what you’ve learned.

What’s next?

Are you looking for a reliable seo in Sacramento, CA who can help you with ranking your website on the search results? If you answered with a “yes,” then reach out to me using this contact form.