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Social media can be a California business’s best friend or worst nightmare, propelling a product or service into the public eye in a positive light or allowing it to fizzle unimpressively on the sidelines of its competitors. Every studious entrepreneur and experienced CEO alike wants his or her California business to fall into that first category, utilizing social media marketing to find immediate success.

It’s important to note that social media, while extremely beneficial to a well-rounded marketing plan, is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Nor is it a bandaid for businesses that have been around a while and are struggling to stay afloat in the rocky waters of the economy. But, if done right, a professional social media marketing service in Sacramento can promote your business farther, faster, and with little stress… and that’s what we’re here for.

What is social media?

Social media (Sacramento and around the world) is a system of online platforms that facilitate interaction between people. Social media marketing attempts to make use of those platforms to make businesses more accessible to the public, connecting a service or product with potential consumers and thereby increasing business outreach.

A Sacramento social media consultant rallies with a business to maximize outreach, advising which platforms and types of interaction will pull in the largest audience. Online platforms might include websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and Snapchat, while types of interaction could be through direct messages, memes, quotes, inspirational images, product descriptions, sales, news updates and more.

The ultimate goal is converting that audience into consumers through continued positive interaction. But you also want to engage them on a regular basis and create a noteworthy “buzz” that they want to share, further spreading word of your business like a virtual word of mouth. If a post is buzzworthy enough, your brand could “go viral” around the country or world. But even without going viral, building buzz in Sacramento, California, is in itself a success.

OnPoint Social Media services in Sacramento CA

Are there risks in social media marketing?

Yes. Social Media interaction could include some negativity from dissatisfied consumers or potentially create a negative “buzz” if the social media accounts are not handled properly. One poorly written post or comment could rub a lot of potential consumers (and by extension their social networks) the wrong way.

You face the same risk in alternate forms of advertisement, the biggest difference being that it’s a lost easier and faster for a mistake to circulate online. That’s where a competent Sacramento social media consultant comes into play, backing up your ideas and desired tone with a wealth of experience that minimizes risk.

Another common objection to social media marketing is time. The steps and scope of a social media marketing process, even for a small company in Sacramento, CA, requires constant upkeep. To be inconsistent or produce poor quality content reflects negatively on your business. Maintaining a reputation is as important with online interaction as it is with face-to-face customer or client interaction.

The Key to Social Media Sacramento Marketing Success

A strong Sacramento social media marketing approach lays the foundation for long-term success and can be defined by these steps:

  • Determine Your Audience – What kind of people define your current market? What age are they and what do they do online? What kind of posts might they share? Each of these questions are valid starting points to determine your audience and even predict how it might expand.
  • Choose a Network – The most common networks, namely Facebook and Twitter, are strong footholds in the social media marketing world. That does not mean they are both necessary or your best avenue to reach your audience. Here’s a brief synopsis of the :
    • Facebook – A great platform for personal associations like friends and family with equal parts visual and text. Posts that do well are entertaining and/or informative.
    • Twitter – With a 140 character limit, posts here rely on brevity. You can post photos but questions and conversation-starters do best.
  • Research Competitors and Brainstorm – What are other businesses in your industry doing online? What do their profiles look like? What is the tone being used? Are there any popular hashtags? You can learn from the social media triumphs and mistakes of others to give your business the highest launching point possible.
  • Design a Profile – Use the knowledge you’ve gained to put together a profile that calls attention to and represents your business. This could include writing copy in blogs, articles, or web pages. It should demonstrate knowledge, excitement, and professionalism.
  • Develop a Content Calendar – Create a spreadsheet of post ideas and dates. Include links and imagery so that posting is as fast and easy as copy and pasting.
  • Manage and Build – As you grow your followers and recognize what that audience responds to, adjust the content accordingly. Maintain profiles with up-to-date information.

An Online Marketing Campaign You Can Depend On

All of this information might seem overwhelming, especially if you are just starting out on your social media Sacramento journey. You want your results drive social media marketing. business to represent the best in the industry, not only in Sacramento, CA, but also beyond. So do we.

OnPoint Internet Marketing strives to give you a competitive edge for social media outreach and business growth. By hiring an OnPoint social media marketing consultant, your involvement is simplified and stress-free. The process is as follows:

  • We interview you to really learn your product/service, your ideal customers, your competitors, and help you create realistic goals for your unique social media Sacramento campaign.
  • We do all of the research for your industry and market, gaining an understanding of competitor pages and campaigns for the best results.
  • We create content based on the data we find.
  • The content is approved by you, leading to your business’s launch on social media.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Many businesses wonder if the investment in social media marketing is worth it. Social media campaigns are a tool for bolstering success in your dream business, increasing customer base and profitability. Social media service in Sacramento also provides benefits such as:

  • Fan Engagement – Not only is it lucrative to interact with fans as potential customers, it’s also beneficial in terms of building a solid reputation and potential business expansion.
  • Brand Awareness – Before you know it, other people will begin posting about your brand and their interactions with you. It’s free publicity and a nice boost of excitement for those invested in the company to see others who are equally passionate.
  • Innovation – Technology is all about innovation. More and more companies are being pressured to build a social media presence to keep up with the competition. But social media also allows you to keep up with trends in your industry or even to create new trends yourself. Innovation is the mother of necessity, but also invention. Don’t forget the latter!

What are the benefits of OnPoint social media marketing?

OnPoint offers these added benefits for your business:

  • Experience – Our team has a history of success. We know what works and what doesn’t, taking the guesswork and a lot of the risk out of your investment in Sacramento social media marketing experts.
  • Professional Team – OnPoint content creators are the best in the world, because they love what they do. Every day allows for new creativity. And where you might have an “off” day, our team works in unison to create a strong content calendar without exception.
  • Unique Content – We work for you, not your competitors. We guarantee that your content will be personalized and fresh for your industry.
  • Professional Ad Management – Social media marketing can extend beyond the Sacramento, California, area with the click of a button. We know which ad services to use to promote your business in the area, the state, and even the entire country.
  • Selective Involvement – Your time is precious, and there is more to running a business than social media. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to be involved and learn more about the process. Let OnPoint handle the Sacramento social media marketing, and you can be as involved as you want or have the ability to do so.

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