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The term “online presence management” describes the methods by which a company maintains brand, voice, and traffic on the internet. Any mention of your business requires some level of attention, whether it’s on your website or not. In fact, online presence management typically goes far beyond updating your own website. Unfortunately, many CEOs neglect outside mentions as an avenue for improving customer relations and advertising.

Online Presence Management: Why is it important?

If you run a growing business or a business that is projected to experience rapid growth, online presence management cannot be sidelined. Here are five reasons why:

1.     Positive Digital Profile – Even if your business hasn’t broken ground in social media, it has a digital profile. If someone mentions it on a blog or online newspaper publishes an article quoting someone in the company, your brand exists online. That means some viewers might be searching for you. It’s the goal of online presence management to be in control of what they find and to keep public opinion positive.

2.     Clarity – If your company has an old website that still exists online or links to outdated articles, your online viewers will be led in confusing circles and unable to get to the information they need to be converted to a customer. Online presence management ensures clarity.

3.     Show vs Tell – A website tells potential customers all of the necessary information to choose a product, service, or company. But what truly prompts sales and customer support is the material that goes beyond the basics. Your expertise and leadership in the industry are shown by the authentic, up-to-date digital profile built from online presence management.

4.     Important Visitors – Every visitor to your website is important, but there are some visitors who will go beyond the website to determine your credentials. These include key business investors, potential partners, and reporters looking for a company to interview and highlight.

5.     Rise Above – No industry is free from competition. That means your business might be one of a dozen or more being considered by customers. Rise above the others with a comprehensive digital profile that’s updated and monitored by online presence management.

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Online Presence Management Services

If you haven’t considered implementing online presence management, now’s the time. You can refresh your web design, post blogs to stay current, research weak spots in your online reputation, manage directory listings, and create a connection to your target audience via social media. If you do not know where to begin with some or all of these methods, OnPoint Internet Marketing can help you develop a strong and lasting strategy for success.


Your online presence management can be tailored to combine any of the following services:


●      Web Design

●      Development

●      Blogging

●      SEO

●      PPC

●      Retargeting

●      Reputation Management

●      Directory Listings

●      Social Media Management

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