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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Sacramento Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines provide per-bid basis listing. They make these listing bases on the ‘natural’ search results that match with the keywords on your site. These listing also consider the link popularity as well as other requirements.
Search engines and services sold these ads in an auction. Usually, you bid on the ad based on the amount that you want to pay. So, bid on those keywords that will rank you to the number 1 position as you are the highest bidder. There remains also something extra that can impact on your ranking, which is called quality score.

When someone clicks on the keywords that you bided from PPC listing, they will arrive at your targeted web site. Then, the service provider will charge equal to your bided amount. As for example, if you bid on the keyword ‘Sacramento DUI Lawyer’ for $0.15 per click basis and that is the highest bid on that listing, surely your website will show at the first line on the listing. When 100 people click on the keywords from your PPC listing, the search engine service provider will charge you $ 15.00 for that.

Advertising through Pay per click can generate significant amount of traffic instantly. It is simple to understand that when you spend much, you will be at the top place and the potential customer will see the ad of your website at first. You can generate more clicks just after the ad is activated, if the traffics search with your selected key phrases. You just have to place a well-written ad.

PPC advertising with some service provider such as Google Adwords is the fastest way to generate more traffic just after opening an account.

PPC advertising is a quicker process than other search engine marketing strategies. It may take few weeks or months to change the audience’s behavior through other advertising forms. It may only take few hours or days to adjust the pay per click campaigns. This advertising strategy has the unmatched ability to adjust with the market conditions.

Usually, natural search engine optimization is long-term process, which is associated with PR. It needs long time to grow your business and brand. On the other hand Pay per click is a paid advertising process that you can handle through paying for your business growth. But, make sure you spend a quantitative amount of money for your business advertising and keep a short or medium term target for this. It is simple enough to understand as it follows: more budgets= lots of clicks=lots of customers.

How we approach with our PPC Management service

Basically, our PPC management service focuses on the sponsored advertising service providers such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. We perform a great number of jobs as part of our service program. Usually we perform below tasks:

  • Researching and selecting the keywords: We ensure that the internet marketing advertising campaign is performed with the best selected keywords. Whether you have an existing program for this or not, we perform researching process and select the appropriate keywords for the greater success.
  • Reactivate the development process: We write unique, interesting and creative titles as well as description to maximize the clicks and increase the conversion rates.
  • Optimize landing page: Additionally, We help you to optimize your website’s landing page.
  • Provide statics track your campaign: As you are spending your hard earned income, you have right to know where your dollars are going. So that, we provide tracking list to you to view the statistical data of your campaigns.
  • Works for Advertisement Submission: We will select and submit the keywords and do other jobs for the approval of your PPC submission.
  • Set up your PPC Account: We will help you to establish your PPC account and monitor the account statics including daily maximum spending amount, matched keywords and ads etc.
  • Provide bid management tasks: We provide all types of PPC bid management tasks, such as: monitoring bid gap, bid price, bid position and maintain all managerial tasks.
  • Perform monthly analysis: At the end of a month, we perform monthly PPC analysis tasks. We check the per keyword costs, changing of conversion rates and trends at the end of month.
  • Enlist your site on the local maps and directories: We ensure that we will enlist your site on the local maps and directories.
  • Reduce the plan cost: Our every plan cost is low as they start form $239.00 per month.
  • Manage the program with trained Google Adwords Staff: We manage your marketing campaign with the trained staff Google Adwords staff. They will run and monitor your campaign successfully.

If you want to get the best output of your marketing budget on online, you have come to the accurate place. We turn your paid traffic into the qualified leads that will increase your sales.

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