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Integrated Marketing Services

Great marketing campaigns are developed through intensive research, knowledge of industry landscape, analysis of competition, a budget schedule, and metrics to track how your strategy measures up. Campaigns online can be approached from a variety of these developmental angles utilizing integrated marketing services.


Integrated marketing services can include:


●      Cohesive Branding and Imaging Across All Digital Properties – Uniting your brand between web pages for a strong digital profile.

●      Social Media Marketing – Developing strong, branded social media presence and opening communication with your target audience.

●      Blogging – Creating, scheduling, and maintaining new content to keep your web presence fresh and authentic.

●      PR – Interacting online with the public on all forums that could increase public awareness of your brand.

●      Market Research and Industry Trends – Adopting successful tactics and forums from industry leaders. Establishing expertise.

●      Strategy Development – Unveiling novel ways to market and expand target audience.

●      Podcasts – Launching audio marketing plans.

●      Email Marketing – Informing past and present leads of new business developments, products, services, and industry information.

●      Banner Ads and Social Campaigns – Spending your budget wisely on the right online ads placed in the optimal way at the optimal time.

●      Sales Funnel – Understanding where your leads come from and how sales are affected by new strategies.

●      Marketing Automation – Running software that drives engagement for more leads and sales.

●      Remarketing – Enhancing or redirecting a marketing plan as it develops.


Professional Integrated Marketing Services

While your business may have already adopted a few of the integrated marketing services above, it can be complicated to take advantage of their full potential. For instance, you might have a beautiful website but can’t translate the same image and branding into your business profiles on social media. Or you might write consistent blogs but don’t know how to optimize them for funneling in new traffic.

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Trying to harness these integrated marketing services also takes time away from building your company mission and goals. If you are focused on outreach and new channels for expansion, you’re not able to focus your energy on the future of your business.


A professional marketing team like OnPoint Internet Marketing has the ability to sharpen your strategies, capitalize on the work you’ve already put into your brand, and funnel in sales while you do what you do best.


Our 3-Step Process for Integrated Marketing Services

The bottom line: If you’re not bringing in new leads, you need better marketing. OnPoint Internet Marketing can take your strategies to the next level and set you on a path toward even greater success. It all starts with our 3-step process.


1.     We take the time to learn about you and your business. Large corporations, SMB’s, and new startups each have unique challenges to overcome.

2.     We thoroughly research your market and competitors. What works well, what doesn’t, and why?

3.     We present you with a program that aligns with your goals and purpose. You get input every step of the way.

Get A Professional Integrated Marketing Service For Your Brand.

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