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Inbound Marketing Services

So you’ve just bought or started a new company, and it’s ready to meet the world. But you aren’t quite sure how to be seen, especially through the more modern, virtual modes of advertising. You might’ve even created a website or social media profile that you’re really excited about, but nobody seems to be viewing it. That’s where inbound marketing services come in!


Inbound Marketing Services: A Visual Boost

Imagine if you put up a single flyer advertising your business in a single grocery store somewhere in the country. Your flyer probably wouldn’t be seen by that many people. The flyer might not even be in a grocery store where you do business! Fewer people would mean less of a chance to hit your target audience and generate a lead. In turn, you wouldn’t achieve any new business or profits.


Virtual advertisement through a website or social media works in a similar way. There are over one billion active websites. Even if your website is graphically beautiful and informationally sound, it floats in a sea of other websites that your target audience must navigate through to find you. If you have one landing page and limited copy throughout the rest of your pages, it’s like hanging one lone flyer and hoping the right someone happens to walk past.


However, by creating quality content such as web pages optimized with SEO services and blogs with keywords pertaining to your industry, you increase your odds of being found and being found by the right people. You’re hanging more virtual flyers in the right virtual grocery stores, so-to-speak.

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The Purpose of Inbound Marketing Services

Creating the visual boost mentioned above is a crucial part of inbound marketing services. The ultimate goal is to attract new potential customers. New leads can then be converted to paying customers.


However, being seen isn’t the only focus of inbound marketing services. When the correct strategies and keywords are used, web copy can target the leads most likely to be converted into customers, thereby increasing efficiency in advertising.


Also, inbound marketing services have the benefit of being a steady, low-maintenance method of customer conversion. Once copy is written, it may need occasional updating but it will not need to be rewritten. It will exist as a permanent calling card when people search online for a particular keyword. Thus, you can continue adding more keywords with the addition of more copy and widen the net you cast for leads.


Inbound Marketing Services from OnPoint

Based on your industry and your business goals, OnPoint Internet Marketing can help you create and integrate a seamless plan for attracting leads, generating traffic to your website, and converting those leads into a profit.


Inbound marketing services can include any of the following:

●      Blogging

●      Content Marketing (Creation & Distribution)

●      Creating targeted content that answers prospects’ and customers’ basic questions and needs, then share that content via social media and SERP’s.

●      SEO and Webpage Optimization

●      Social Media Content and Interaction

●      Landing Pages

●      Lead Magnet Development (e-books, whitepapers, etc.)

●      Repurposing of Content via Video or Podcasts


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