IMG_0409I’m Craig de Borba, search engine optimization and online marketing consultant. Over the years I’ve built an All-Star Team I work closely with, combining  over 20 yrs. in the digital space to generate top tier results for my clients.

OnPoint Internet Marketing was founded by myself after co-founding Kaizen Way Marketing when I returned to the U.S. after touring, recording, and performing as musician.

Kaizen was launched in Jan. 2010 and although it is a great philosophy (the constant pursuit of excellence)  the name and meaning was often misunderstood, or unknown to our public.

For this reason I felt it was necessary to move to something that our public could connect with immediately.
Several names were surveyed and On Point Internet Marketing was founded. On Point can be summed up with on target, on the mark, precise. It’s easy to understand and we feel this perfectly defines our strategies and process for working with businesses and entrepreneurs to help them market online.

Proudly serving Sacramento since Jan. 2010 and specializing in:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Advertising
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Web Design
  • Lead Generation
  • Internet Marketing

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About Kaizen:


Kaizen (改善) (pronounced ki-zen), is of Japanese origin and when translated means “change for the better” or “the constant pursuit of excellence”. It is improvement! The process of measuring one’s ROI, Marketing Systems, analyzing it, improving and testing, then measuring it again.

Based out of Sacramento California and founded in 2010.


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